We want to get the resources available directly into the hands of the children and their families.  Some of the large humanitarian organizations have been taking money for many years, decades even, and your and their efforts are largely unrealized because of the overhead of staffing or as a direct result of corruption. Some of these organizations have been outed as scams. We have vetted individuals, led by God, to handle and distribute the resources as needs arise. There is no corruption and if there is corruption discovered, the relationship is terminated and we will search for another contact.  Every piece of clothing and lacrosse equipment is handed directly to a child. Every dime donated is accounted for and is used in shipping costs, school fees, food, water, and necessities for the children. Nobody in this organization is paid money from the efforts of this site. All involved are volunteers. The expenses for this website is donated by its founder. 

What we DO

Isaac Kirinya

Head Start with Isaac Kirinya

Our goal is not only grow the game of lacrosse, but use lacrosse to help give underprivileged and impoverished children in Uganda and Kenya a head start in life. Many of the children, many of which are orphans,  are subject to gangs, gang violence, hunger, and lack of education. Our efforts provide basic needs like food and tooth paste and help to pay for school fees as many of the parents or guardians of these children cannot afford to send their kids to school. It costs about $200 US to send a child to school for a semester. 

We also use lacrosse equipment donations as a tool to give these children direction and purpose and steer them away from gangs. Lacrosse gives them a sense of community and teaches them the many lessons that a team sport like lacrosse teaches including drive, toughness, ambition, and leadership. Another goal is to have many of these children participate in the Lacrosse World Games on the Ugandan or Kenyan teams. This gives these children the opportunity to see the world like they could have never imagined.  

To create self sufficiency and sustainability, we are going to assist the kids in creating businesses of their own, making and selling wooden lacrosse shafts and other crafts to be made available in the site store (This is in planning stages right now) allowing the kids to rely less on donations and more on themselves and their community and learning the important life skills of business. 

Our director, life, and lacrosse coach in Uganda is Isaac Kirinya (pictured to your left) . He sees that the lacrosse gear is used and distributed properly and food and school fees are paid for for these young children. 

Peter Ginnegar

Uganda National Team Coach, Peter Ginnegar

Peter Ginnegar, the Ugandan National Team Coach, works closely with Isaac in providing for, teaching, and mentoring the children. Some of Coach Ginnegar's athletes have developed into outstanding lacrosse players and role models for the children who will follow in their foot steps. 


Kenya Lacrosse Coach Storm Trentham

Storm Trentham, hailing from England, is an integral part of the humanitarian aid, fellowship, and lacrosse development in both Kenya and Uganda. She is pictured here with the grandmother of an Ugandan National Men's team player, Reagan Ochan. Her love and  commitment is unparalleled and a strong force in this movement.