Donate Lacrosse Gear


How to Donate Gear

Lacrosse gear, including sticks, heads, shafts, cleats, gloves, shoulder pads, helmets, arm pads, and goggles can be shipped or dropped of at 3316 Kemble Ridge Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587. We will package donations in an extremely efficient manner in preparation for it's journey to Kambala, Uganda. 

How do we ship to Africa ?

After we collect enough for a shipment, we package the gear up and send it to our shipping company in Silver Springs, Maryland. From there the shipment is loaded into a container ship and delivered to our contact at Merkere University about 2 months later. Then the shipment is picked up by Isaac Kirinya or shipped on to Kenya. Each 3x3 box costs about $200 US to ship from the US to Uganda so your monetary  donations are critical for the success of this mission.

What else can these children benefit from

Many of these children do not have decent clothes and shoes to wear. Mildly worn clothes are also very much needed and can also be shipped to the same address as above.